We are a team of professionals who simplify the science of nutrition, training and body composition analysis.

We train experts and offer people an improvement in their health, aesthetics and/or sports performance, which is where the acronym HAP comes from. ''Health, Aesthetic & Performance''.


We have years of experience as consultants in the area of nutrition, training and body aesthetics. We work with elite athletes in a wide variety of sports.

We have been in charge of the nutrition area of the Defensa y Justicia team for years, participating in the Copa Sudamericana, Copa Libertadores, and champion of the Recopa Sudamericana.

We have been in charge of body composition analysis in NFL soccer teams.

We train hundreds of professionals around the world, with certifications currently available in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.


Florencia Babugia | Influencer, social media content creator | Working with us since 2020.

"I started with Nico in April 2021, I knew nothing basically about how to eat, I had the idea that it was something mega specific and difficult. I saw it as very distant from the fact of always eating healthy, for example I took as "relapses" to eat or take what I felt like one day. All this changed a lot, Nico showed me that it is simpler than it seems, to do it little by little and keep going, that constancy is the key...".

Luis Abengozar : Nutritionist for the Dominican National Soccer Team and the Spanish Soccer Players Association (AFE).

"In 2022 I was lucky enough to do the ISAK 2 certification in Madrid and the truth is that it was the best investment. From the material both anthropometric, as the presentations used, of excellence.highly recommended their trainings, clear concepts, always creating group group and pending of each one of us 👌"

Luis Abengozar : Nutritionist for the Dominican National Soccer Team and the Spanish Soccer Players Association (AFE).
Agustina Taramasco | Nutritionist for Jaguares Rugby and Pumas 7s. Former nutritionist of the independent professional team.

"Malek and Nico are two colleagues that I admire a lot.
They love teaching and it shows. They transmit passion in their classes, facilitating the understanding of complex topics.
They are always predisposed to keep in touch with their students to solve future doubts.
I would definitely recommend their courses!"

Javi Rios / ISAK 2 Madrid, Spain

I share my experience during the ISAK 2 course with great memories. Good bet of the theoretical framework. The syllabus was made very enjoyable thanks to the practical examples and the dynamic PPTs that sometimes joined explanatory videos. I was fortunate to have great teachers and colleagues who facilitated my learning. I believe that today, whether in the world of nutrition, sport, elite or health, it is a fundamental tool to have a body reference with quality data.


Nahuel Martinez / ISAK 1 and 2 La Plata, Argentina

My name is Nahuel Martinez, I am from the city of La Plata and I participated 3 times in the workshops dictated by the instructors of BeHAP/ISAK. The first time I did level 1, the second time I participated as a model and the last time I did level 2. In all of them I had an excellent time, it is a highly recommended day not only for everything you learn, but also for the good time you have. It generates a good atmosphere with colleagues from different branches of the sport, with very good vibes, humility and predisposition. If you have never participated, do not hesitate to do it because you will not regret it!


Jacobo Morales Ortega / ISAK 1 Madrid, Spain

Highly recommended. Malek and Nico are exceptional teachers, with outstanding communication skills, among other outstanding qualities. The certification has been an extremely enriching experience. The theoretical content is precise and up to date, and integrates perfectly with the practical strategies proposed. During the course, they provide you with high quality anthropometric tools and offer you the option to purchase them. I definitely intend to repeat the experience with bHAP for ISAK L2.


Manuela Pizzo / ISAK 1 La Plata, Argentina

Excellent course, I loved the atmosphere that was generated during the 3 days, grateful to train with the best, thanks for the patience and predisposition, it is a pleasure to learn from people who put so much dedication and professionalism in what they do. Highly recommended.


Raphael Tourraton / ISAK 2

Great course, with a right balance between theory and practice. Our instructors Malek and Nicolas were very professional while ensuring a friendly atmosphere all the course long.
Having passed ISAK course level 1 is really helpful in my daily professional activity.
Looking forward stepping up to level 2 as soon as possible!

Camila Seewald / ISAK 2 Madrid, Spain

I have done the ISAK 2 course with BEHAP in Madrid and the truth is that I am very happy with the results.
They were 3 intense days of being locked in a classroom for many hours but both Nico and Nadia made the dynamics fun and enjoyable at all times. Very clear when explaining the knowledge and predisposed at all times to resolve any questions we had.
Beyond the benefit of obtaining the ISAK 2 certification, doing the course with BEHAP has the bonus of belonging to a community where we are constantly discussing questions about anthropometry, nutrition and sport.
100% recommended!


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