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ISAK 1 and 2 Certification


Why choose us?

  • Experience and Expertise: Our team, composed of leading researchers in the field of body composition, is actively involved with ISAK and was part of the development team of the only official ISAK software for body composition analysis. Global Reach: We have a network of students in 5 continents that support our quality training. Currently, we have certifications in Latin America, Europe, United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

About the Course

International Certification in Cineanthropometry: ISAK 1. The ISAK international certification is the world's leading certification in body composition assessment using anthropometry. This course combines asynchronous theoretical training through our virtual campus with a 3-day face-to-face practical experience. With venues strategically located in various parts of the world, we facilitate your access to this valuable certification.
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Information about the presence component
This course will work under a hybrid modality: Online + Classroom

UNIT 1: Introduction and history of ISAK

UNIT 2: Anthropometric equipment and verification

UNIT 3: Ethics and proxemia

UNIT 4: Statistics: ETM

UNIT 5- Body Composition

UNIT 6: Somatotype

UNIT 7: Health Indicators

UNIT 8: Anthropometry and Sport

UNIT 9: Using ISAKMetry Software

UNIT 10: Analysis of different methods of estimating body composition.

UNIT 11: Anatomical points

UNIT 12: Measurement Technique

Unit 13: IMPORTANT Files

UNIT 14: Anthropometric references Sports

ISAK 1 Theoretical Component Examination



  • None

Content Included

  • ISAK membership for 4 years.
  • Access to ISAKMetry body composition analysis software.
  • ISAK digital manual.
  • Theoretical component: Comprises 7 hours of asynchronous online training available immediately upon payment of the course. You will be given a username and password with access to all available material including anthropometric references, lecture presentations and supplementary material related to the course.
  • Practical component: It includes 23 hours of classroom training where the tools and everything necessary for taking measurements will be provided. The 21 anthropometric variables included in the restricted profile proposed by ISAK will be addressed in detail. During the training, a practical analysis of interpretation and analysis of results will be carried out, as well as the setting of objectives.
  • Online doubt resolution class: Students will be offered different dates and times so that they can connect with their instructors live and resolve any doubts that may arise, both in the theoretical and practical components. The student will have access to all the doubt resolution classes he/she wishes for a period of one year.